Scooter & Wheelchair Rental Service in Phoenix

One stop mobility is the leading scooter rental company in the area(Phoenix). Those people recovering from injury, family, and friends are legible to order for the service at designated scooter shops.

In addition to that, they offer repairs, recycling lift chairs, purchases, technicians assessment diagnostic, rollators, and battery orders. Interested people from the neighboring areas like paradise valley, sun city, and its environs have equal opportunity to access scooter & wheelchair rental service in Phoenix.


elder holding handAvailable Rental Equipment

High-quality motor gear available for rental include:

-Electric scooters

-Mobility wheelchairs

-power wheelchairs

-transport chairs

-lift chairs

-knee scooters


-Knee scooter rentals

It provides quick mobility recovery and prevents injury. Using knew walkers, you will be able to scoot to various destinations without tampering with lower leg recovery in case of an injury. Rent one today and enjoy safe travel.
Renting one of this is a simple process.

All you need is to make a reservation by filling online form or by directly calling the customer service. Concerned person will after that get back to you. Regarding this, a fee of 45$ Is charged to carter for delivery and pickup. Furthermore, you are not limited to where you can steer because caster wheels are designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

Renting a Knee Walker

The knee walker is a perfect substitute for crunches. It is medically safe, provides comfort, easier to use unlike crunches, has high-quality designs and it is ideal for injury rehabilitation.

Renting Disneyland Wheelchair

There is a standard wheelchair which is commonly used in hospitals. Its standard size allows for detachable legs which ensure easy transportation. It has other features like padded armrests, padded wheel brake locks, easy grip push handles, and vinyl seating to improve on its efficiency.

Heavy Duty

It has a reinforced carbon steel frame which is crafted to provide support. It is durable and comfortable when using it. You can pack it in the rear of your vehicle and thereafter use it when necessary.

Electric Powerchair

It has long lasting batteries, joystick, seatbelt, footrest, and electronic controls. It is well designed for easy maneuverability with an easy turning radius which makes it a perfect choice for you.


elder careHD Powerchair

It provides both comfort and safety due to its additional weight support.
Powerchairs have easy steering, tight turning, and heavy-duty power control.

Generally, these wheelchairs have a durable battery which allows movements. There is a discount on the rent to be paid which is a better deal. One stop mobility, therefore, is the best for electric wheelchair since you are not limited on where to use the wheelchair.

Several clients have responded positively to these services, and most of them appreciated the 5-minute walk away from the park, all day customer service, long lasting batteries and availability of last minute bookings


To wrap it up don’t allow the injuries to pin you down while there are established remedies to your problem. Try these various scoots and electric wheelchair at affordable prices and live your normal life. Don’t be left out visit our website to learn more about the services provided and various price tags for renting the scooters and wheelchair.…