How to Remedy a Case of Sexual Impotency

Sexual impotence is a common problem that tends to worsen with age. You can mitigate the loss of sexual power by using natural or artificial treatments. To get more info on the artificial sexual enhancers, you can look at Austin Hanson.

Alternatively, there are home remedies, which have been passed down over the years, that help guys achieve greater potency. Some of them are more effective than others. Home remedies work best for the less advanced cases of sexual impotence.

Briefly described are a few home solutions to male sexual impotence:


Garlic is a popular vegetable within the home that helps in sexual impotence treatment. Often, this has been described as the poor man’s penicillin. Its magic works in two ways: as an immune booster and antiseptic.

As a sexual rejuvenator, it improves sexual activities arising from diseases or accidents. If you overindulge in sex and would like to keep going, garlic is the perfect remedy. The process is simple. Just chew one or two cloves of garlic daily. You can consume garlic bread instead as the whole grains aid in the production of healthy sperm.


Onion is an incredible aphrodisiac and libido enhancer. Not many genuinely understand its full potential. You can quickly consume an onion while at home. Start by peeling, crushing then frying in a little butter. Serving the mixture in a spoon of honey will only add to the great taste. Give your stomach two hours at the very least and allow the mixture to settle.

This remedy is recommended for those suffering from premature ejaculation or impotency.
You can have the mixture dipped back gram for a period of seven days after which have the mixture dried. It will form a strong aphrodisiac that can be consumed daily. This improves your overall sexual performance.


The procedure can be done at home by simply using 150 gm and having them finely chopped and added to a half-boiled egg. A teaspoon of honey added for taste will also go quite well. Consume this mixture once a day for a month.

People who are tense or suffering from sexual disorders will be able to achieve sexual stamina.

Lady’s Fingers

This tonic is widely attributed with the restoration of sexual vigor. Consume 5 to 10 grams of root powder from this vegetable. An extra glass of milk accompanied by two teaspoons of mishri (ground) will do the trick. For it to work, consume it daily.



The dried asparagus is traditionally referred to as white musli. It serves as an aphrodisiac. You require 15 grams of dried asparagus root and have it boiled in a cup of milk. Consume this mixture twice daily to get satisfactory results. Regularly using this recipe helps cure premature ejaculation and impotency.


As a sexual tonic and treatment option for sexual debility, you can count on the drumstick. Its treatment capabilities are witnessed in both males and females. The powder of its dry bark is valuable when curing premature ejaculation and impotency among other conditions.…